You’re in good hands

At Fruits in the City, we’ve been sustainably delivering fresh fruit to workplaces for over 10 years. This includes all kinds of companies – from global financial businesses to health conscious start-ups.

Our Inspiration

Over time, we’ve noticed that as well as loving our fresh fruit deliveries, more and more of our customers are also looking for tasty, healthy snacks. This is what inspired us to launch the healthy snack box.

It’s time to snack healthy

Being able to make healthy choices has never been more important. In homes and workplaces, busy families and workers are looking for nutritious snacks without having to hunt through supermarkets to work out what’s good for them.

Goodness delivered straight to your door

So whether it’s a healthy snack for the commute, or something handy to give children on a busy school morning – with The Healthy Snack Box you get all the goodness delivered straight to your door.